Why Your Business Should Start Texting From Your VoIP Phones on callsprout.com

It’s easy, efficient, and all the cool kids are doing it

Just because all the cool kids are jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge, does that mean you should too? Of course not – but when it comes to the trend of texting through your company’s VoIP phones, the idea is certainly worth exploring.

Think of it. Nearly everyone is texting today to the point where it’s eclipsed phone calls in some cases, and certainly voicemail in many others. Whether it’s a quick note for a spouse to pick up milk on the way home, coordinating carpooling for the kids’ soccer team, or a quick request of a work colleague, texting is the go-to form of communication.

Consider a few texting statistics

If people’s texting comfort level still isn’t enough to convince you to add the feature into your VoIP service plan, it’s important to consider a few numbers:

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate, while email has only a 20% open rate.

In other words, texting is quick, efficient, easy, and convenient. It’s ideal for delivering a quick message, getting an immediate response, less time consuming than an email, less awkward than a phone call, and great for coordinating team activities – all of which are essential for making the most of your VoIP system so your business can grow.

Getting started with VoIP testing

Before entering the VoIP texting world, it’s a good idea to see if your current VoIP equipment/service agreement includes a texting service. There’s a chance the capability is there. If not, your equipment may need to be upgraded or you need a new provider who has the goods from the get-go.

Once that’s all ironed out, your company’s entire communication system can be fully integrated – from desktop to mobile devices to even non-wireless phones. Users can text a non-wireless office phone, which then triggers a VoIP email so the worker can respond instantly.

The security question

Because VoIP runs on the Internet, it has inherited many of the security concerns. To that end, service providers are always improving security measures for all aspects of your company’s VoIP system – including texting. In fact, if your company already has a VoIP service, the security for texting is already in place.

In addition, by establishing VoIP texting, it is far easier – and more sensible – for employees to have a business texting platform separate from their personal account. There is a marked decrease in a private text being erroneously sent to a business client.

Exploring what works best for your business

As with any endeavor involving your business, it’s important to ask questions. And the CallSprout team welcomes yours.

We offer a complimentary suite of options for which telephone companies will charge extra, including text messaging. If you would like assistance in building a VoIP system that works for you and your company, call us at 844.889.8647 or fill out our convenient online form.

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