Sitting in a Garage with Eric

During this episode of Sitting in a Garage with Eric, Eric Bucher was joined by Ryan Sturgis from Delivery Dudes, a company that delivers food from local restaurants straight to your door. They were live from Cheeca Lodge & Spa in Islamarada, FL for the annual Vistage Florida retreat. Like most entrepreneurs, Ryan has an interesting journey. After college, he spent some time as a ski bum before getting sales experience while working at a credit card processing company in Miami Beach. He and his friends started Delivery Dudes in 2009 and today they have 42 locations in 4 states.

Ryan is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and giving them an opportunity to create an amazing life and write their own story. Delivery Dudes provides individuals with an opportunity to go from a driver to business owner in less than two years.

When Delivery Dudes started, there wasn't a lot of competition and they were focused on customer service. Today the food delivery space is much more competitive. However, Ryan and his team are ready to face any challenge.

Ryan shares some of his organization tips and how he gets work done. He also explained the importance of the Delivery Dudes mantra which is: Be good. Do good. Have fun. Ryan's favorite app is Asana. His advice to other entrepreneurs is to keep dreaming and think about the long game.

Posted by Call Sprout on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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