Sitting in a Garage with Eric featuring Joe Cardenas, Founder …

On this week's episode of Sitting in a Garage with Eric, Eric Bucher interviewed Joe Cardenas, Founder & CEO of Aquaco Farms. After working 17 years in the banking industry, Joe stepped out on his own to become an entrepreneur. He ended up choosing to get involved in the aquaculture industry after much thought and research about the market.

Aquaco Farms is innovating the way high-quality seafood is sourced and purchased. They provide sustainable, high quality, U.S.-sourced Florida Pompano to restaurants.

Since Joe was jumping into a new industry, he knew there was going to be lots to learn. He shared his entrepreneurial journey and what it has taken to raise money and lay the foundation for a sustainable business model that will produce dozens of jobs and draw more investment into the state.

Joe and Eric both shared some great ideas and advice including the importance of listening to your gut when you're building a business. For those aspiring entrepreneurs, Joe and Eric believe it's less about the idea and more about the hard work, execution, and having a higher than average risk tolerance. They also agree that when you start a business it's more important to figure out how you are going to build a great company that truly solves a problem and creates value for others than it is to figure out an exit strategy.

Posted by Call Sprout on Friday, June 23, 2017

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