Sitting in a Garage with Eric

During this episode of Sitting in a Garage with Eric, Eric Bucher interviewed Chris Palermo, President and CEO of Global Communication Networks, Inc., a trusted advisor, providing strategic, vendor-neutral networking services, cloud computing, and data center solutions globally. Chris talked about what it took to start his business and the importance of having extreme focus while building any business. In order to keep focused when he started, he set a goal to make 50 sales calls per day. He wouldn't leave the office unless every call was made. That strategy clearly paid off. Over the years, Chris has received many sales awards as he continued to build a successful company.

Although Chris is extremely involved in the community, he wasn’t always a philanthropist. It took an life-changing event that left him paralized for 45 minutes to change his mindset about giving. He is now involved in a number of charities and giving back is an important part of his world.

A great tip from Chris to entrepreneurs: The harder you work, the luckier you get.

Book recommendations: Eric is currently reading and recommends The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers by Ben Horowitz, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz.

Chris recommends the book How I Raised Myself From a Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger.

We've upgraded the garage! Special thanks to Call Sprout team member Joanna and her friend Christie Bellino for drawing the logos on our awesome new chalkboard.

Posted by Call Sprout on Friday, February 17, 2017

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