If you’re going to decouple from your VoIP provider at the start of the year, do it for the right reasons.

Your tax person doesn’t plan to see you until April. But your divorce lawyer will see you now. Huffington Post and a host of other fact-gatherers concur: January is the month when the most married couples officially call it quits.

Is it the cold weather? What’s got so many people humming the lyrics to “You’ve Changed” as they search for yet another reason to procrastinate about taking down the holiday decorations? The consensus is that New Year’s resolutions play a big role in the decision to divorce. But why stop there? It’s may also be a good time to end that toxic relationship you’ve got going with your disappointing VoIP provider.

Appearances can be deceiving

You really played this one wrong, huh? Let’s face it, you were flattered when they came on strong. Who wouldn’t fall for someone promising uninterrupted phone service while looking like a million bucks in those slick high-gloss marketing folders? And the website? It made things sound so fulfilling.

Empty promises.

Worse yet, now you’ve found out you’re being taken advantage of. All the other VoIP providers offer it for free, but your prince charming had the nerve to charge you for basic features like caller ID and filtering, call forwarding and call waiting. That pretty much borders on abuse.

It doesn’t add up

Sure, you played it coy at first. You made it clear you were interested in a quality relationship. It was going to be long-term, and it certainly wasn’t going to be based only on something as shallow as pricing.

But, it was an irresistible price. Which was why it ended up being too good to be true. With all the competition in the market, VoIP providers offer packages that are within dollars of each other. Your BFF was right – you should have based your relationship on your needs before price.

Lip service and broken promises

Ouch. Has anybody else in your life ever broken that many promises so quickly? Yoda was right. When it comes to things like this, there is no try. Just like a marriage certificate, a service level agreement is a serious obligation.

They say it’s not their fault if servers go down. It’s never them, it’s you. It was your broadband connection. Your accusation is like blaming them for the cold January weather. There are certain things they can’t control.

Have you ever heard such a lame excuse? Shouldn’t they have been looking out for your needs from the very start? Maybe it’s time they got a bit of counseling about this thing called redundancy. While they’re pointing fingers, some pretty attractive suitors are offering fail-over solutions that automatically switch to backups like LTE communications, so your phone lines are never down.

We’ve only just begun?

You were upfront about it. You made it known that you expected additions to the family. Was your VOIP provider okay with business growth and scalability? They talked the talk, but in the end they couldn’t walk the walk and deliver more phone lines, let alone quickly.

So, now it’s January. There’s some cold reality to go with the cold weather. You need multi-location phone management and a list of features at no additional cost. You’ve got to have scalability, and it wasn’t supposed to be an issue. How is your staff supposed to work remotely?

The one unforgivable thing

It was the moment they shouldn’t have failed you.

You assumed things like this were automatically taken care of, and it never dawned on you to check. Then the unexpected happened: You dialed 911.

Nothing happened.

You assumed they had made the necessary FCC-required arrangements to connect your VoIP system with the PSTN network so there was access to vital emergency services. Nobody’s going to argue that you shouldn’t have to ask about something so basic.

It was the final straw. It’s over, and there’ll be no visitation rights.

If the service commitments your VoIP provider are not being kept, they’re costing you business or worse. Grounds for immediate divorce – case dismissed.

When you’re ready to move on and start a positive relationship with a VOIP provider who cares about your needs, turn to CallSprout:

  • With our multiple redundancies, your phone lines will never be down, especially in an emergency.
  • Our packages are all-inclusive – we offer a complimentary suite of options that the phone companies charge big bucks for, including auto-attendant, voicemail to email, call forwarding, and more.
  • Our services are easily scalable, growing only as fast or slow as your business does.
  • You can save up to 50% compared to traditional phone services, without sacrificing convenience or quality.

Sound too good to be true? Review our list of services and fill out our convenient form to see exactly how much you can save.

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