How a Scalable VoIP Phone System Gets You Away from Your Desk on

Flexibility, redundancy, and ease-of-use are just a few benefits of scalable VoIP for businesses

Many of us remember that in the days before cell phones, we’d have to wait at home for hours to get a call from a friend or relative. Fortunately, we can now talk to whomever we want, wherever we want, free from the strings of a landline. And like our personal lives, our business lives have changed – always on the go, always hustling. So why are so many of us still waiting in an office for an important business call, or putting off leaving for an appointment just to make a call at the office?

With so many households getting rid of their home phones and replacing them with cellphones, it makes sense to do something similar for your business. But if you want to ditch your office’s traditional landline, what do you replace it with? A disorganized network of cellphones that may or may not have reception? No way.

Luckily, there’s another option for businesses that want the mobility and flexibility of a cell phone with the reliability, customization, and capacity of a traditional landline. It’s called a scalable VoIP phone system, and, if implemented properly, allows you to make business calls anytime, and anywhere you need to – for less money.

How does a scalable phone system work?

In the past, businesses looking to increase the size of their operations would have to invest in expensive new equipment each time they wanted to ‘scale up’ the size of their communications systems by adding extra phones or new features. However, by using tried-and-tested VoIP technology to create a cloud-based phone system, businesses can add new lines, extra features, or increased capacity almost immediately. VoIP technology works through a broadband internet connection, making it reliable and easy to customize.

In addition to being more efficient and adaptable, VoIP tech can often help businesses save a significant amount of money. Some reports suggest that new businesses can save up to 90% when choosing to install a VoIP phone system.

Mobility and scalable phone systems

While scalable phone systems have been around for a few years, the biggest change to this technology may be the addition of mobile access features. Given that the number of mobile workers in the world exceeded 1.3 billion in 2015, this evolution couldn’t have come at a better time.

The best part might be that scalable VoIP phone systems now offer iPhone apps allowing users full access to their business voice systems while on-the-go; which can be invaluable for busy executives, sales representatives, and other workers who need to travel constantly. Plus, mobile apps have been shown to increase worker productivity and satisfaction, with 54% of workers who use them saying that mobile apps help them do their job better.

Scalable phone systems are becoming the new worldwide standard for business communications

With scalable VoIP phone systems growing at 14% a year for the last 8 years and counting, and the amount of mobile VoIP users expected to hit 1 billion this year, the efficiency, effectiveness, and economic benefits of this platform are truly beginning to catch on around the globe.

Now, the only question is whether your business will stay with its traditional landline system, paying more and getting less, or switch to a scalable system and enjoy its many benefits – including worker productivity, mobile access, and nearly infinite customization.

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