The Esther B. O’Keeffe Building at the Society of the Four Arts

If you are planning a visit to West Palm Beach, Florida and looking for cultural activities that go beyond the typical beach scene, then a visit to the Society of the Four Arts should be on your list. The society was founded in 1936 and is dedicated to cultivating an appreciation of fine arts in their community. One of the most iconic buildings at their campus is the Esther B. O’Keeffe building, which houses two galleries and hosts concerts in its theater. Let’s explore what you can expect from a visit to this historic building.

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The Esther B. O’Keeffe building was established in 1978 and features two floors of galleries that house rotating exhibitions from around the world. Visitors can check out paintings, sculptures, photographs and other works from both renowned artists and up-and-coming names alike. Not only can guests view these artworks in person but they also have access to audio tours that provide more insight about each piece as well as its context within art history.

The theater inside the building is equally impressive and hosts classical music concerts, lectures and film screenings throughout the year. There is seating available for over 400 people, making it one of the largest theaters on Florida’s East Coast outside of Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Guests are invited to stay after events for receptions where they can socialize with other attendees or discuss their experience with speakers who are often present at these occasions.

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In addition to special events held within its walls, there are also guided tours available for those wanting to learn more about this historic establishment and its many offerings. These tours take place year-round and provide a comprehensive look into not just this building but also other parts of the larger campus, such as gardens and courtyards located around it as well as any temporary exhibitions that may be housed there at any given time.

No matter what type of cultural experience you are looking for during your trip to West Palm Beach, Florida, don’t miss out on visiting The Society of The Four Arts’ Esther B O’Keefe Building! Whether it’s taking part in one of their guided tours or attending an event being held at its theater – there’s something new awaiting every guest who passes through its doors! Be sure to plan your visit today so that you don’t miss out on all this amazing location has to offer!

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