Discovering Marine Life at Cox Science Center and Aquarium

Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of the ocean and learn about its diverse creatures? If you’re located in or visiting West Palm Beach, Florida, a trip to the Cox Science Center and Aquarium is a must-visit destination for you! The state-of-the-art facility offers visitors an opportunity to see and learn about fascinating marine life and their ecosystems. So, let’s dive in and learn more about what the Cox Science Center and Aquarium has to offer.

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The Cox Science Center and Aquarium offers a wide range of exhibits that showcase a variety of marine life. The aquarium is home to different species of fish, invertebrates, and reptiles. You’ll have a chance to see jellyfish, seahorses, sharks, and even venomous snakes like the cottonmouth. The aquarium also boasts a stunning 3,000-gallon tank that showcases the incredible variety of fish found right off the Florida coast.

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One of the most popular exhibits at the Cox Science Center and Aquarium is the touch tank. Visitors of all ages can get up close and personal with a variety of starfish and sea urchins. Experienced staff are on hand to answer any questions and provide additional information about the creatures you’re observing. The touch tank is a great way to experience marine life in a more interactive way.

In addition to the live exhibits, the Cox Science Center and Aquarium also offers a range of educational programming for visitors. Free tours are available for groups of six or more, and targeted for different age groups. The tour includes an up-close walkthrough of the exhibits, interactive demonstrations, and an opportunity to meet the staff and animals.

The Cox Science Center and Aquarium is committed to the conservation and preservation of marine life. The aquarium is part of an ongoing research project aimed at identifying and preserving local species. Visitors can learn about the numerous conservation efforts underway in the area and what they can do to help. The center also focuses on educating people about plastic pollution and its impact on marine life.

The Cox Science Center and Aquarium offers an excellent opportunity to explore and learn about our marine wildlife. A trip to the center is a fun and educational experience that’s perfect for individuals, families, and groups. You can observe fascinating creatures, participate in interactive exhibits, and learn about conservation efforts aimed at protecting our underwater world. So, next time you’re in West Palm Beach, make sure to add the Cox Science Center and Aquarium to your itinerary!

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